Workplace Environment

IFSAS S.A.  provides a work environment for all employees to enjoy safe and healthy work conditions along with opportunities for personal and team development, resulting into responsible professional attitude.

By encouraging initiative and rewarding innovation, we offer work conditions that ensure:
  • Productive crativity under optimal conditions..
  • Development and utilization of every employee's potential.
  • Fulfilment of professional and personal aspirations.

For IFSAS, the employees' personal development is inexorably linked to the company’s development and growth.
Our Human Resources vision and mission is to invite candidates with ideals, values and moral standards which are fully aligned with IFSAS’ vision of business excellence, then to support their development.

IFSAS through the activities in diverse business sectors of Fire & Security, the dynamic presence in the Greek market and the growth, provides our employees with access to a broad range of knowledge, skills and opportunities for further development.

In this framework, our people have the opportunity to:
  • Develop new ways of thinking and expressing skills.,
  • Meet new challenges,
  • Cultivate communication and collaboration skills,
  • Promote creative ways of thinking, and
  • Develop management and problem-solving abilities.