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Regardless of the type of protected area, one of the basic safety rules is to control the flow of people moving within the designated areas. Possibility to decide who, where and when they can go is crucial to protect a building, people working in it, information and property located there.
Access control systems include a number of technical solutions which allow authorized people to comfortably move on the object ground and to protect against unauthorized introduction. Depending on customers’ needs, this solution may be a simple tool which will assure monitoring of people movement, as well as a fully professional management system throughout the building with security systems functioning with it..
IFSAS offer is addressed to a different class and size of objects ranging from single door supervision to complex control structures. The advantage of electronic access control systems offered by IFSAS is modular construction, scalable size and system capacity easy to modify.
Depending on customers’ needs, this solution can provide traffic control of people and property, an active supervision of the controlled area, registration of all events in the system, automation of the motion control functions, a wide variety of technical, remote monitoring and remote places on any technology cards and readers. We can develop existing systems based on other manufacturer’s devices as well.

The Access Control Systems  are compatible and can be integrated with Burglar Alarm Systems, Closed Circuit Television Systems and Fire Alarm Systems.

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